Missing Child Investigations

How Private Investigators Can Help You Find Missing Persons

When someone goes missing in a place as large as New York City, finding them can seem like an impossible task. Naturally, most people who’ve had a had a child or other family member disappear turn to law enforcement for help – but even they can only do so much. Moreover, the police can’t help you if you’ve simply lost touch with someone over time. Fortunately, private investigators can often help you locate missing persons, even in cases where law enforcement has all but given up.

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National Investigators Superconference NYC

November’s National Investigators Superconference Showcased Industry’s Best

The National Investigators Superconference was held from November 8 to November 11 in New York City at the historic Hotel Pennsylvania. The event focused on education and included several seminars that provided investigation training and certification opportunities for attendees, as well as an opportunity to network with other investigative professionals, hear from exciting speakers, and interact with vendors showcasing the most advanced investigative tools and services.

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