A man is holding his armed security license

How Your Armed Security License Can Benefit You in 2024

While the past two years have been more than a little challenging for all of us, there is every reason to believe that the future will continue to be bright as this present chaos recedes into memory. And though job opportunities have been sparse in recent months due to business lockdowns, that too is expected to change as the economy continues to reopen in the months to come. Of course, as those businesses reopen in the midst of ongoing turmoil, security will be a major concern for many companies. So, if you have been thinking about a career as a security guard, there has never been a better time to pursue your armed security license.

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New York carry handgun permit and a hand gun

Business Owners and Concealed Carry in NYC During the Covid-19 Pandemic

If you are a business owner who has considered getting a permit for concealed carry in NYC to help protect your assets, it is important to recognize the challenge that lies ahead. Though official statistics have been difficult to obtain, recent estimates suggest that only a few thousand New Yorkers have been given the necessary permits. Most of those are apparently security guards, retired law enforcement officials, and celebrities – as well as business owners who can demonstrate a need to carry.

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NYC Security Guard armed training

NYC Security Guard Gun Permit: 3 Reasons You Should Get Your Pistol Permit

If you have already made the decision to pursue a career as a New York City security guard, congratulations. The security industry is a growing sector with plenty of opportunities for advancement. However, if you want to ensure that you have the widest range of opportunities, you may want to also consider qualifying to become an armed security guard. Of course, that will require you to take some additional training courses to earn your NYC security guard gun permit, but there are advantages to doing so. In fact, here are three important reasons why you should consider getting your pistol permit.

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Firearm range training

Do All Security Guards Need Firearm Training?

When you’re considering a career in the security guard industry, it’s important to consider all your options. After all, there are many different kinds of security guard jobs and they don’t all require the same level of training. Different types of security needs require different types of solutions. Consider firearms, for example. Some might assume that all guards are qualified to carry firearms as they go about the business of protecting lives and property. But is that assumption accurate?

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Man holding his hand on a holstered pistol

Get the Help You Need to Obtain Your NYC Pistol Permit

New York City’s gun laws are generally considered to be some of the most restrictive in the country. In fact, many residents of the city probably assume that most people won’t qualify for a handgun license. The reality, however, is just the opposite: most New York City residents can obtain a pistol permit if they successfully complete the licensing process. Yes, you read that right: you don’t have to be a security guard, law enforcement officer, or a friend of some connected political figure to qualify for a license. Still, you do need to complete a rigorous licensing process, and that can take time and effort that most people simply aren’t willing to invest. The good news is that a competent security firm can provide you the help you need to obtain your NYC pistol permit.

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Firearm License Consulting NYC

Firearm Licensing: Get Expert Assistance to Secure Your New York Pistol Permit

For residents of New York City who want firearms to protect themselves, the challenge can sometimes seem overwhelming. Would-be gun-owners must first obtain a pistol permit to ensure that they comply with the city’s strict gun control policies, and that means that they must navigate a complicated application process. Unfortunately, that complex process can be so challenging that many residents are deterred from even applying for a permit. The good news is that there is a better way to obtain your firearm license: consult with security experts who can provide the help you need to secure your pistol permit.

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