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The Vital Role Your NYC Security Company Plays in Assessing Risk

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Today, companies and organizations are increasingly turning to top NYC security company personnel to secure their persons and properties. And with good reason. The world continues to become ever more complex, and new threats and risks are emerging with each passing day. Unfortunately, risk is unavoidable, as threats can never be completely eliminated. However, New York City security companies can help to minimize those risks, and that process begins with an effective and accurate risk assessment.

How A Top Security Company in NYC Can Help You Identify Risks

No security program can ever be truly effective unless a proper risk assessment has been conducted to identify likely threats. That requires an on-site, comprehensive assessment that takes a holistic approach to identifying potential challenges and weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors.

The Risk Assessment Process

To protect your site and the people who work or live there, security experts examine many things. An effective analysis will include:


  • Visiting and mapping the location, with an eye toward identifying potential security vulnerabilities
  • A review of local crime statistics, to assess risk levels for various types of illegal activity
  • An examination of any current security plan, to locate potential areas for improvement
  • A review of the site’s technological needs, including access control systems, cameras, and communication technology
  • Other reviews to meet site-specific needs


Of course, the risk assessment is just the beginning of the process. Once risks have been identified, your security company personnel will consult with you to determine the best security response to those challenges. Together, you can decide on the right course of action and move forward to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses any risks or security vulnerabilities.

Strategic Planning

With that assessment in hand, your security company partner can create a plan that will address every identified security concern. That plan will include policies, procedures, and guidelines that will be used by security personnel on-site. In addition, the strategy may recommend that specific technology solutions be introduced to reduce certain risks or enhance communications.

Selecting Personnel Based on Risk Assessment Results

Just as important, a proper risk assessment helps to ensure that your NYC security company selects the right team of security officers for your site. Effective security is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. You deserve a security plan and service that is customized to meet your unique challenges.

Combining Risk Assessment and the Most Effective Security Solutions

Naturally, it’s vital to select the right security company to provide this type of effective risk assessment and strategic planning. Obviously, you want the best security company NYC has to offer. The good news is that you don’t have to look far to find that firm. International Security Services is the one NYC security company you can trust to provide the city’s best risk assessment and security service solutions. To learn more about how we can help you identify and meet your location’s most pressing security challenges, contact us today.

George Kozhar

George Kozhar

George Kozhar is a respected security professional, licensed private investigator, and founder of International Security Services (ISS) - New York City’s dedicated security experts since 1999. Mr. Kozhar and his team provide a full array of private and business investigative services in the U.S. and overseas, VIP executive protection, armed and unarmed security guard services and training, and Fire and Life Safety Director training through the company’s Fire Science Institute.

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