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How to Become a Fire and Life Safety Direcot in NYC Guide

You deserve a guide that can provide you the answers you need to help you launch your fire safety career journey!

This simple, easy-to-follow guide can provide the information and step-by-step instructions you need to get your fire safety director training and certification and start your exciting new role as a Fire and Life Safety Director. Download it today!

  • Have all the critical information you need at your fingertips, saving time and eliminating confusion.
  • Discover the key qualifications you must possess to become a Fire and Life Safety Director.
  • Learn about the important role of the FLSD, and the specific duties you’ll perform.
  • Receive concrete answers to your questions about training requirements and course curriculum.
  • Find vital links to resources and forms to help you process your certification.
  • Enjoy the simplest, most direct instruction guide available to simplify your journey to certification as a Fire and Life Safety Director.

Did You Know?

  • New York Fire Department rules require many buildings to retain a Fire and Life Safety Director, but the process for becoming an FLSD can be difficult to understand. You deserve a guide that describes those steps in a clear, straightforward way.
  • Fire and Life Safety Directors must meet strict eligibility, training, and certifications standards. Wouldn’t you benefit from having all that information in one, easy-to-follow guide?

Thank you and congratulations for your commitment to protecting life and property as a New York-certified Fire and Life Safety Director. As an FLSD, you will play a vital role in protecting the residents and buildings of this city against fire, natural disasters, potential terror attacks, and more. Your dedication and expertise will help people in the building or buildings you serve learn how to respond in emergencies and protect themselves and others. There are few more noble callings, and we are proud to provide you with your copy of “How to Become a Fire and Life Safety Director” to help you with the journey. The entire team at International Security Services and the ISS Fire Science Institute looks forward to welcoming you into the ranks of New York’s fine fire safety professionals.

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