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NYC Security Guard Gun Permit: 3 Reasons You Should Get Your Pistol Permit

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If you have already made the decision to pursue a career as a New York City security guard, congratulations. The security industry is a growing sector with plenty of opportunities for advancement. However, if you want to ensure that you have the widest range of opportunities, you may want to also consider qualifying to become an armed security guard. Of course, that will require you to take some additional training courses to earn your NYC security guard gun permit, but there are advantages to doing so. In fact, here are three important reasons why you should consider getting your pistol permit.

Three Reasons to Get Your NYC Security Guard Gun Permit

A Broader Range of Job Prospects

There are basically two types of security guards: unarmed and armed. In like manner, most security guard jobs fall into the same two categories: unarmed or armed. Your training will determine which types of security guard jobs you’re qualified to hold. Both types of jobs have the same basic training, but armed security guards are required to participate in an extra 47 hours of firearm training to secure their licensing.

That extra training will qualify you to apply for and receive your pistol permit, which allows you to carry a handgun while you’re on the job. When you have that license, you are qualified to serve as either an unarmed or armed guard. Naturally, that flexibility will open up a broader array of job prospects, since you will be qualified and able to serve as either an unarmed or armed security guard, depending upon your employer’s needs.

An Added Aura of Authority

There’s no denying the fact that people are naturally more deferential to armed security guards. The average person is far more likely to defer to your authority when you have a pistol in your holster than they would if you were armed only with a flashlight and your wits. In addition, most people are going to feel safer when they know that there’s armed protection in their vicinity. Most importantly, the presence of an armed security guard can deter many incidents, creating a safer environment for everyone in the area.

Potentially Higher Pay

Money is a tremendous motivator for most people. The good news on that front is that many armed security guard positions pay much better than unarmed roles. That’s to be expected, of course, since an armed position can entail greater risk, and requires more training. However, that training is well worth the effort if getting your pistol permit enhances your pay while advancing your career.

Whether you have already completed your basic training or are just getting ready to start your guard classes, there’s no time like the present to consider additional training to secure your pistol permit. And when it comes to training, there’s no better training option in New York City than International Security Services, Inc. Contact us today to learn more about our armed and unarmed security guard instruction, and how we can help you advance your career in this exciting industry.

George Kozhar

George Kozhar

George Kozhar is a respected security professional, licensed private investigator, and founder of International Security Services (ISS) - New York City’s dedicated security experts since 1999. Mr. Kozhar and his team provide a full array of private and business investigative services in the U.S. and overseas, VIP executive protection, armed and unarmed security guard services and training, and Fire and Life Safety Director training through the company’s Fire Science Institute.

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