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Who’s Qualified to Get an NYC Security Guard License?

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If you have been thinking about getting your NYC security guard license, you’re not alone. The security industry has been a growth sector for many years, and that trend is expected to continue well into the future. As a result, many people just like you apply for their guard licenses each and every year. Of course, not everyone who wants to be a security guard can meet the strict criteria. To help you ensure that you meet New York City’s security guard requirements, here’s the eligibility criteria you will need to meet.

Basic Security Guard Eligibility Requirements

To become a security guard in New York City, you need to:

Be at Least 18 Years Old

In the state of New York, you must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to complete the training and other requirements needed to become a licensed guard.

Be a Citizen or Legal Resident of the United States

In addition to the minimum age requirement, you will need to be a United States citizen or a legal resident of the U.S. If you have not yet obtained either status, be sure to update your citizenship or residency to ensure that you meet that criteria.

Pass a Background Check by the FBI

You will also need to be able to pass an FBI background check. That means that you should have a clean record with no felonies or other serious convictions. The security guard role is a trusted position, so it is important to ensure that the industry is not hiring people convicted of serious offenses.

Submit Fingerprints

It’s also important to understand that you will be expected to submit to fingerprinting after your training is complete. You won’t be able to get a license without submitting fingerprints.

Training Requirements to Get Your License

If you can meet those basic security guard eligibility requirements, you will also need to complete state-approved training. This training is conducted at approved training schools by recognized instructions, and includes:

8-Hr Pre-Assignment Training Course

New York requires every security guard candidate to undergo approved training at a state-sanctioned facility. This 8-hour pre-assignment training course provides essential information about the security guard’s duties, ethical considerations, and practical skills needed for the job.

16-Hr On-the Job training

Once that 8-hour course is complete, you will also need to complete a 16-hour course that focuses on job-site training. This course provides real-world immersion in the security industry, reinforcing the earlier training and enabling you to get hands-on experience with those job duties.

Firearms Training – Armed Guards Only

In addition, would-be armed guards need to complete a 47-hour firearms training course. That course includes both classroom instruction but actual hands-on training to ensure that you are proficient with firearms.

Annual In-Service Training

Once you get your license, you will need to complete annual in-service training to maintain your guard status. These courses provide refresher education, while also providing updates to legal changes, new security techniques, and other valuable information.

At International Security Services, Inc., we have the state-approved instructors and classes you need to meet the eligibility criteria needed to become a New York City security guard. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you get your security guard license and launch your security career.

George Kozhar

George Kozhar

George Kozhar is a respected security professional, licensed private investigator, and founder of International Security Services (ISS) - New York City’s dedicated security experts since 1999. Mr. Kozhar and his team provide a full array of private and business investigative services in the U.S. and overseas, VIP executive protection, armed and unarmed security guard services and training, and Fire and Life Safety Director training through the company’s Fire Science Institute.

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