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Six Things Every Security Guard Candidate Needs to Know

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The private security industry is bigger than it’s ever been and growing with each passing year. As a result of that rapid and consistent growth, the industry offers aspiring guard candidates plenty of opportunities for charting a rewarding and successful career. But what can those job candidates expect if they pursue a career dedicated to the protection of life and property? Before you embark on your new career, here are six things that you should know if you want to be a security guard.

The Job is a Mix of the Routine and Unexpected

The job of the security guard is complex. There are times when everything is routine, but no security guard can ever afford to become complacent. The unexpected can occur at any moment, in almost any guarded environment. That’s just one reason why security guards must always be vigilant and prepared for any eventuality.

Most Jobs Involve Some Public Interaction

If you’re attracted to a career in security because you want to avoid public interaction, you might want to reconsider your options. The fact is that most security guards end up dealing with customers or other members of the public on a fairly regular basis.

You Can’t Let Your Emotions Get the Better of You

While we’re on the subject of public interaction, it’s important to recognize that those interactions may not always be pleasant. Irate customers and others may be verbally abusive or outright hostile at times, and security guards need to be able to respond as dispassionately and professionally as possible. You need to be able to check your emotions and maintain a calm, cool demeanor in any confrontation.

Every Job is Different

It’s also important to understand that no two security guard assignments are alike. Yes, they may share some similarities, but each environment is different and job duties may vary from place to place. To meet that challenge, you need to be able to accept change and adapt to new situations.

Security Guards Do Not Have Police Powers

About the only thing that you’ll have in common with law enforcement is the fact that you each wear uniforms. As a security guard, you won’t have arrest powers or many of the other capabilities the police rely on to enforce their will or keep order. It’s important to keep that in mind, to ensure that you remain within the bounds of the law as you perform your duties.

In New York City, Training is Mandatory

New York City security guards need to be licensed by the state, regardless of whether they serve as armed or unarmed guards. Before that can happen, however, you will need to be properly trained, by instructors who are approved and licensed to provide that education.

Fortunately, when it comes to proper security guard training, there’s one company in New York that stands head and shoulders above the rest: ISS. If you’re ready to begin your security guard training and want to ensure that you’re properly prepared for the job ahead, contact International Security Services – New York City’s dedicated security experts.



George Kozhar

George Kozhar

George Kozhar is a respected security professional, licensed private investigator, and founder of International Security Services (ISS) - New York City’s dedicated security experts since 1999. Mr. Kozhar and his team provide a full array of private and business investigative services in the U.S. and overseas, VIP executive protection, armed and unarmed security guard services and training, and Fire and Life Safety Director training through the company’s Fire Science Institute.

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