Domestic General Investigation Cases Files

How Your NYC Private Investigator Can Help with Your Domestic Investigation Needs

The world sometimes seems to be built on secrets. We all have them, and most of the time our secrets are entirely harmless to those around us. Unfortunately, there are times when secrets can create problems that are difficult to resolve. That’s especially true in many domestic situations. When those situations arise, it’s often vital to get the truth as quickly as possible. Thankfully, an NYC private detective can help you answer those vital questions and resolve even the most sensitive domestic disputes.

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Benefits of Executive Protection Services

How to Recognize That You Need Executive Protection Services

The world is a dangerous and sometimes frightening place, and it doesn’t really matter who you are or how rich or prominent you might be – those risks never really go away. In fact, VIPs and other well-known personalities are often at special risk, as they can attract unwanted attention from misguided fans, disgruntled former employees, criminal elements, and even deranged stalkers. Fortunately, executives and other VIPs don’t have to live in constant fear or apprehension. To get the piece of mind they need, they can turn to experienced security firms that offer the executive protection services they need. But how can you know whether you need this specialized form of security protection? Here are some of the most common reasons why you might need executive protection services for your personal security needs.

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Cost of Private Investigator

How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost?

People often have a variety of questions about the services private investigators provide. In many instances, those questions relate to an investigator’s role in gathering evidence or uncovering hidden information. However, there is one question that probably gets asked more than any other: how much does a private investigator cost? After all, investigations take time and resources, and those things cost money. If you need an investigation and are wondering about the cost for a private investigator, this article is for you.

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Security Guard is talking on the radio

Six Things Every Security Guard Candidate Needs to Know

The private security industry is bigger than it’s ever been and growing with each passing year. As a result of that rapid and consistent growth, the industry offers aspiring guard candidates plenty of opportunities for charting a rewarding and successful career. But what can those job candidates expect if they pursue a career dedicated to the protection of life and property? Before you embark on your new career, here are six things that you should know if you want to be a security guard.

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Background check for a woman during a job interview

Why Background Checks Are More Important than Ever Before

If you’re a business owner or hiring manager, you already know how difficult it can be to find great job candidates these days. That’s especially true when your company has limited resources to screen potential hires during the hiring process. Unfortunately, you also know that you have little margin of error when it comes to making the right hiring choice – and the wrong choice could harm your business in a multitude of ways. That’s why background checks are more important than ever, and why you need professional background check services to protect your firm.

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Planning security guard needs for your business

How Many Security Guards Does Your Business Need?

For business owners, the issue of security should always be a top priority. After all, your business represents a major investment of money and effort, and that investment needs to be protected if you want to safeguard your financial interests. The question is, though, what type of protection do you need? In many instances, the best protection for your business will be professional security guards. If you’ve determined that your company could benefit from a security guard presence, then the next question may be just as important: how many security guards will you need?

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fire and life safety director checking-Industrial fire control system

Fire and Life Safety Director: Preventing Fires to Save Lives

Despite all of mankind’s tremendous technological progress throughout history, fire continues to be a major threat. That’s true in both rural and urban areas, and in residential and commercial buildings. New York City has seen its fair share of major fires over the years, which is why officials have developed policies and strategies to better protect people and property against that threat. Whether you’re a NYC-approved Fire and Life Safety Director, thinking about becoming one, or simply a business owner trying to avoid fire damage, it’s important to understand that fire prevention is a critical part of the effort to protect and save lives.

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Mother hugging her daughter

For Child Custody Investigations, You Need Investigators You Can Trust

There are few things more agonizing than a child custody case. Unfortunately, there are many such cases throughout New York City and around the United States each and every year. Anyone who has ever been through one of these custody disputes understands just how tough they can be, and how difficult allegations often get tossed around as each side tries to prove its case. At times like that, it’s important to have a private investigator you trust to help gather the evidence you need to maintain custody of your child and secure his or her best interests.

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Construction worker helping injured colleague

Protecting Your Company from Fraudulent Personal Injury Claims

No matter how hard you try to make your company a place free from on-site injuries, accidents can still happen at any time. That’s just part of life, and companies carry insurance to protect themselves against those risks. Unfortunately, however, there are people who seek to exploit vulnerabilities in the insurance system through fraudulent personal injury claims. You may even have an employee tempted to defraud you by making false workman’s compensation claims. The good news is that a competent private investigations firm can help you mitigate those risks and protect your interests.

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Fire and Life Safety Director operating a fire alarm system

Fire and Life Safety Directors and Their Role in Protecting Life and Property

In a city as large as New York City, there are few more pressing needs than the protection of life and property. To provide that protection, the city maintains a robust police presence, fire department, and other emergency response services. Unfortunately, however, those committed guardians of life and property are unable to be everywhere at once. Private sector personnel thus play an invaluable role in protecting the City that Never Sleeps. That’s why New York City relies on dedicated Fire and Life Safety Directors to help protect buildings and their occupants from fire and various other threats.

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